Chris Lengyel - Founder of

PTSD Coach and Founder of Help Me PTSD

Native to Arizona, Christopher Lengyel Is a Retired Army Veteran with a B.S. in Professional Counseling. Christopher is currently continuing his education with a Masters Degree in Business emphasizing in Project Management. While not advocating for trauma survivors Christopher spends time with his family and enjoys being the worship leader at the church he attends.


FEB 23, 2019 - BLOCK TWO

Thriving Past Trauma: Self Care in the City - Talk


“In large city’s such as Phoenix, self care can become a challenge. With Help me PTSD’s Founder Christopher Lengyel, learn how to bring balance to your life even in the fast paced city!

Learn tools, techniques and life changing habits with Army Veteran and founder of Help Me PTSD, Christopher Lengyel. Never let the chaos of city life stand in the way of serenity again!

“Struggling with drugs and depression and living in the city becomes an extremely difficult place to heal. With helpful tools and a new mind set anyone can thrive with the right self care plan”
-Christopher Lengyel US Army Ret.