Jeannie McCall

Jeannie McCall is a writer, speaker, life coach, storyteller, an energy healer and an event planner. She has a passion for helping others find spiritual and emotional healing through the use of coaching, guided meditation and most importantly, their own story. She will be offering a wide variety of classes, workshops and one on one sessions at the Purple Studio in Mesa AZ.

Jeannie has an Associates degree in Transformational Psychology from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. She also has certifications in Reflexology, Life Coaching, Reiki, La Stone Energy Healing. She is also a Master Toe Reader, and practices N’gal -So Vajra (Tibetan Crystal Healing).

Jeannie can be reached at
and via what will be her event planning page at



Not My Daughter; A Mother's Story of Addiction - Talk


Almost everyone has been affected by addiction in some way, shape or form.  Come join Jeannie McCall as she takes you on a journey into a mother's story of her 

daughters heroin addiction. Not My Daughter is a story about addiction, hope and the incredible healing power of loving one's matter what. 

The Healing Power In (Telling) Your Story - Workshop


I believe that our stories can save the world. There is so much healing in getting it down on paper and then speaking it out-loud. Healing for yourself and for others who may find themselves at the same crossroads where you once found yourself. In this digital world where true human connection can be hard to find, our stories

connect us and unite us. I believe that through the loss of our human connection we are losing our empathy for one another in this ever changing technological world that we live in. Your story is your gift to the world and I hope to change the world in some small way by sharing my story and helping others transform and tell their stories. 

Join me at the Just Be Love Fest for an introduction to telling your story. Come learn why it's important, why everyone has a story that needs to be told and get some practical tips on pulling parts of you and getting it on paper, then on stage!