Kirk Nurmi - Keynote Speaker

Kirk Nurmi graduated from the University of Wyoming College of Law in 2000. Soon thereafter,
his passion for the Bill of Rights motivated him to move to Phoenix so that he could begin his
career at the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office and provide top-notch criminal defense
services to those who couldn’t otherwise afford them. After about 8 years of doing his best to
actualize the Bill of Rights in court on a daily basis, Kirk’s success in these endeavors along with
his opposition to the death penalty made the transition to becoming a capital defense attorney
It is in his role as a capital defense attorney that he would be assigned to serve as lead counsel
for the now infamous Jodi Ann Arias. At the time Kirk had no idea that the case would become a
worldwide sensation or that his role in this case would have such an impact on his life. Kirk
went from obscure to infamous overnight and became the object of public derision for the
duration of the case simply for doing his job.
After the case was over, the stress of it all brought cancer into Kirk’s life. With his mortality in
view, Kirk then made the decision to respond to the untruthful claims his former client made
about him in a way that would endure should he lose his battle with cancer. He then published
“Trapped with Ms. Arias.”
Today life is much different for Kirk. His legal career is behind him and joy is in front of him.
Kirk is now thrilled by the prospect in touching lives as a speaker, author and performer.


FEB 23, 2019

"Defending Your Greatness”


Each one of us is born with greatness inside of us. Actualizing that greatness is why you are on
this planet. Simple enough. Yet when your greatness encounters resistance from the external
world, things get more complicated. Practicality, conformity and your own mental martyr
conspire to subdue your greatness and disconnect you from the bliss you deserve.
In order to live your blissful destiny, your greatness must be defended!
After a fifteen-year legal career, bouts with infamy and cancer, I stand well equipped to help
you reconnect with and Defend your Greatness. It is my new mission because you and the
planet deserve nothing less.