Melissa Ann Marie Farley

Melissa Farley is a professional actor, journalist, host, speaker and filmmaker with over 30 IMDB credits to her name.

 This year she was Sadie in ‘The Lost Tapes: Inside the Manson Cult’ which aired on Fox and host of USA  TODAY Network’s Insider Movie Club. She made her feature film  directorial debut with ‘Moving Ashley’ with PattyMelt Studios and is currently in post production.



Depression: A Silent Battle of the Warrior - Talk


Depression is something that effects millions of people and yet we often face it silently. Chronic depression is something deep, that takes root and impacts daily life. This is a journey of living with depression - the dark moments, the light moments and everything in-between. Let's explore how to talk to each other about depression and what we're truly feeling and experiencing. You truth may just be the key to set you or someone else free.  

Getting Out of a Depressive Episode - Workshop


When you are experiencing a depressive episode, it can feel like your life has become a giant black hole. In this class, we'll cover simple, practical and applicable ways to retrain your brain, take every thought captive and trigger positive self-healing. Through these coping mechanisms, the episode will be shortened and you will begin to identify what works best for you to proactively counter the onset of depression. It is recommended you bring a journal or notebook and something to write with, as well as water to keep your body hydrated and clear. NOTE: You will not be required to share personal experiences unless you are comfortable doing so. This is a safe, judgement-free zone where all hearts are honored, respected and heard.