Stefanie Book Atchinson

Stefanie Booker Atchison is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a degree in Transformational Psychology from the accredited Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix Arizona and has completed over five hundred hours of coursework in the practice of hypnosis techniques, life coaching, stress management, spiritual coaching and practical mysticism for treating a wide variety of issues. She also graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage, studied Social Work at University of Maryland University College and has certifications in Reiki Master Teaching, Advanced Life Coaching, Practical Mysticism, Spiritual Coaching, Polarity and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

In Maryland, Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists are technically not licensed.  Stefanie chose to become board certified by American Council of Hypnotic Examiners, The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.



The Five Spiritual Principles That Changed My Terrifyingly Dismal Life To A Glorious Mess - Talk


Stefanie Booker Atchison has been living clean from drugs since 1992. Before that, she had reached a bottom. The Who, Why, What & How of the 12 Steps & Traditions helped her find her path back to humanity and saved her life. But what kind of life? The half life of abuse and depression she was trying to escape from by way of the pipe, a bottle or a pill? Nope. Definitely not that one.  She’ll share how she learned how to love herself through the pain of living and not being able to draw a fantastic smokey eye.

Three Little Words - Workshop


“Why is this so hard?

Why is nothing happening the way I want?

When is my life going to get better?

Will I ever be able to take care of the things that matter to me instead of worrying about everything and everyone else?”

I shook my head because I couldn’t believe how negative the questions were flowing through my head.   I asked myself, “When am I going to appreciate me?” I struggled, reliving the choices I had made in life, attempting to reconcile the dream of the life I imagined to the reality of my life at the time. Something had to change. Lucky for me, it did.

 It took a lot of years spent in frustration, confusion and unhappiness with my life. I stayed in relationships and jobs that weren’t right for me, struggled financially and just wasted a LOT of time feeling depressed and stressed out. Finally, one person shared three little words with me that challenged my perspective on my life and started my journey towards self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love. 

Are you ready to change your mind about who you are and how good your life can be? Three Little Words can help you blast right past all that nonsense and start seeing a life worth living. Today.